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Enerfin Midstream

Enerfin Resources Company and its affiliated operating entities own and operate natural gas pipelines, compression, processing plants and treating facilities, and explore for and operate crude oil and natural gas wells.  The Company was founded over twenty years ago, is privately held and currently has operating locations in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, California and Oregon.

As a growth-oriented midstream/upstream natural gas company, Enerfin focuses on:
  • delivering exceptional pipeline and marketing services to its producer-customers
  • proactively expanding gas gathering, treating and processing facilities
  • developing new “grassroots” gas pipeline and related facilities in emerging areas
  • participating in synergistic upstream drilling, development & production opportunities

Enerfin welcomes any opportunity to work with your company in these areas.

Enerfin’s operating affiliates include the following:

  • Enerfin Resources Company
  • Enerfin Resources I Limited Partnership
  • Enerfin Resources II-92 Limited Partnership
  • Enerfin Resources Northwest Limited Partnership
  • Enerfin Field Services LLC
  • Capital Energy, LLC
  • Cenpat Operating LLC